We currently have 1400 Farmers under our umbrella covering close to 10000 acres of certified organic land spread across India.



Our group consists of mainly small and marginal farmers who undergo group certification to get their land certified. These farmers usually have a land holding of less than 4 acres and hence, practicing Organic Agriculture reduces their dependence on expensive chemicals and also provides them economic independence


Our Strength has always been our network of farmers and the bond that we share with them. Right from assisting them in seed procurement, soil conditioning to harvesting and storage, we guide them at every step with the best processes available.



As part of our holistic approach to organic farming, we encourage all our farmers to take up inter-cropping in their fields. In large gaps between plantations, which are usually left barren, we make the farmer grow medicinal herbs and other crops which require minimum space. This system ensures the farmer gets more income from the same piece of land and also helps in soil conditioning.


In areas where we have a group of farmers growing large quantities of a particular product for us, we also invest in certain on farm processing facilities at the farm gate itself. These facilities are usually utilized by the whole group and ensure that the material that we get at our processing facility is of the best quality!


We believe in Fair Trade and we practice this throughout our supply chain

We ensure that the farmers are always paid a Fair Price for their produce. When the market price is low, we ensure the farmer gets a good premium for his produce, while the market price is high, we give a minimum premium, being fair to the customer too!


Transparency is the key to any good relationship and we have been firm believers of this.

Being involved in the entire supply chain also gives us the opportunity to link up farmers with the customers. Most of our customers visit our farmers every year and they now know each other by their first names! This level of transparency has ensured our customers to understand the challenges of farmers better and also the positive impact of organic farming in their lives.


"Organic Farming has helped me keep my family & my fields healthy"

My farm now is self-sustainable and I no longer need to depend on expensive chemicals to keep my fields healthy. Working with Phalada has also ensured that I always have a ready premium market for my produce and ensures my economic stability!

- SHANMUKHA GOWDA, Organic farmer from Sagar, Karnataka